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For travellers with pre-existing medical conditions and their travelling companions.
Comprehensive travel insurance for UK residents.

0800 848 8448
or +44 (0) 1689 892 228

Optional extra covers are also available to purchase as part of your Fit-4-Travel policy, these will cover you for:

Excess Waiver
For a very small additional premium you can protect yourself against paying any policy excess that would apply if you made a claim.

Travel Extension
If you are 68 years or under and require an Annual Multi-Trip policy you may extend the duration of your travel to 60 days.

Winter Sports
Protects you and includes generous cover for your equipment whether hired or if you are using your own.

Golfing Holidays
Protects you and includes generous cover for your equipment and any pre-paid non-refundable Green Fees.

Weddings and Civil Ceremonies abroad
Comprehensively covers higher values of jewellery, gifts and your wedding attire.

Natural Catastrophe Cover
This provides increased sums insured if due to a natural catastrophe (eg. Volcanic Ash Cloud) you need to cancel your trip, incur additional expenses on your trip, require replacement accommodation or are delayed on your scheduled travel. If you are taking a River Cruise we strongly recommend that you purchase this cover in case of river flooding which may lead to cancellation or curtailment.

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