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It is increasingly more likely that grand parent's duties now involve taking their grand children away in the summer months, as the long school holidays cause havoc with working parent's work requirements. Travel insurance for children who are not travelling with their parents can also become a bit of a minefield, fortunately we can help.

Our insurance allows and caters for this eventuality in three ways:

  1. You can add your grand children onto your existing policy, assuming that you already have this with us.
  2. You can insure your grand children on a separate policy - as long as the eldest grand child is 7 years of age.
  3. You can buy a new policy that covers all of you together - this and No.1 (above) is the most robust option, because if something happens to anyone in the party, you are all covered under the same policy.

The first and third options are more cost beneficial to you - because children travelling and named on a policy that has one 18 yr old (or older) as a named person, will be charged half-price if they are 3-17 years of age, and under 3 yr olds will be insured free of charge. Under 3's need to be named on the policy, and if they have any pre-existing medical conditions you would be charged for the insurance of their medical conditions - but that's all.

Children under 18 on their own travel policy would each be charged the full adult rate.

It is also at this point important to explain: that when you travel with your grandchildren (and not their parents), you must make sure that the entry requirements for wherever you are travelling to are able to be met. In some countries these requirements are pretty extensive  - and you should not leave this until the last moment - or consider that a last minute decision to travel abroad, whilst easy for you, might be tricky to organise if you have your grandchildren travelling with you.

It just depends where you are going.  The FCO Travel Advice online will be able to ensure you are up to date with each countries requirements. Also because the proliferation of human trafficking is now such an issue - rules change quite rapidly, so having checked once, keep an eye on this for your destination country requirements, because they can change very quickly indeed.